Creightons Plc creators and manufacturers of fine english toiletries

Creightons PLC
Company Information

Creightons Plc is a Public Limited Company registered in England & Wales.
Company Number: 1227964

Creightons Plc Stock Exchange Information
Creightons Plc is registered with the London Stock Exchange (LSE).
Stock symbol: CRL.L

Share Capital
Creightons Plc has issued 54,478,876 ordinary shares of 1p each all of whom are fully paid.


Registered Office:
William McIlroy (Executive Chairman)
Bernard Johnson (Managing Director)
William Glencross (Non-executive Director)
Mary Carney (Non-executive Director)
Nicholas O'Shea (Non-executive Director and
Company Secretary)

1210 Lincoln Road, Peterborough,
Cambridgeshire PE4 6ND England


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